Danny & Whitney's Story

Hello, and welcome to the "Danny and Whitney Story." It’s a funny little love tale that began five and a half years ago. 

Our mutual and dear friend, Analise, had seen us both go through the ups and downs of the dating world, and through a moment of pure kismet, suggested we meet. A very fun, albeit nervous, blind date soon followed. Danny had the whole day planned out - lunch at Masa on Sunset Boulevard, and then a nice stroll through Echo Park to chat and get to know each other. Whitney was so nervous she showed up thirty minutes early and waited in her car listening to the Gin Blossoms until it was time to meet. Lunch went off without a hitch. They talked, laughed and told stories. Danny’s plans quickly fell apart when they discovered Echo Park was under construction and completely fenced off. What followed was a very funny and relaxed conversation about film, music, life and even a terrible but funny Jimmy Stewart impression.  All while walking along the perimeter of the fenced-in construction site - Danny behind Whitney - in single file around Echo Park Lake.

After clearly falling for each other, many more dates soon followed. Then, being the hopeless romantic that he is, Danny asked Whitney to be his girlfriend under Sleeping Beauty’s Castle after a 16 hour day at Disneyland. They rode Big Thunder Mountain roller coaster ten times that day. The adventures continued with trips to New York, Colorado, Florida and Portugal, followed by the adoption of the their beautiful pup, Locksley. 

In April 2016, Danny and Whitney set off on the trip they’d been dreaming of since the day they met - London and Paris. It was on April 29th, on the end of the Brighton Pier, under the Helter Skelter and a gorgeous overcast sky, Danny and Whitney decided to be "Danny and Whitney" forever.  They celebrated immediately afterward with their close friend, Laure - feasting on fish & chips and hiking to the top of the Seven Sisters Chalk cliffs overlooking the English Channel.

Our story doesn’t end there. It continues on Saturday July 29th, 2017 in Crested Butte, Colorado. Come and celebrate with us on top of the mountains and beneath the stars as we add another chapter to our never-ending love story.