• We highly recommend joining together with other guests and renting a car together, especially if you are driving to the area from a further airport.  A car will also be essential for your time within the Gunnison/Crested Butte area, as public transportation is almost nonexistent.
  • Alpine Express offers shuttle services to/from the airport.  Mention the Schmidt/Amaral wedding to receive a 10% discount.
  • CB Limo also offers shuttle/limo/car services.     
  • The Mountain Express Shuttle offers free rides from Crested Butte to Mt. Crested Butte and back.


  • Gunnison is located at 7,700 feet above sea level.  Crested Butte at 8,909 feet.  Mt. Crested Butte at 9,898 feet.  That makes our wedding venue at nearly 10,000 feet about sea level.
  • Being at such a high elevation, especially when you are not used to it, can require a bit of acclamation.  Upon arriving at a higher elevation, some people may experience some light-headedness and/or a feeling of being out of breath.  Here are a few things you can do to make yourself feel better faster.
    • Plan on arriving in Crested Butte at least 24 hours prior to your first outing to allow for acclimatization.
    • Be sure to stay hydrated by drinking lots of water.
    • Avoid alcohol and caffeine for the first day or two you are here in the mountains.
    • Be careful when drinking alcohol at such a high elevation.  Every drink counts as 2 up here.  Monitor your alcohol intake, especially when you are celebrating with us at the reception.
    • We are close to the sun up here - be sure to wear sunscreen and proper sun protection, even when it is cloudy.


  • The weather in the mountains can change within minutes.  Be prepared for sunny days, followed by afternoon thunderstorms, wind and rain showers.  Wait 5 minutes and often the weather will change again.  Please plan accordingly by bringing layers.
  • Our wedding venue is located on top of a mountain.  There will be a tent with space heaters, and a fire pit in the evening.  Please be sure to bring a sweater or jacket, as it will get chilly under the stars.  


  • Because our venue is on a hillside, please plan your outfit accordingly.  The tent area and joining patio will be concrete/brick, but please wear shoes appropriate for walking on grass, dirt, and on uneven terrain.  
  • There are modern toilets and running water at the venue, so no worries when nature calls.
  • No cars are allowed at the venue.  There will be shuttles running from the Crested Butte Mountain Resort base area to the Ten Peaks Event Site.  The shuttles will pick up and drop off from The Lodge at Mountaineer Square hotel.